Nailed it!

It is amazing how there are so many creative baking works when you search with internet. However, it does not mean we can all have successful baking. Failure teaches success. I found the horrendously awful baking results that try to make cute Disney cake but failed and will hunt the kids in the birthday party. Also some more funny failures that somehow we are more related then the perfect and detailed baking results. Personally I also had so many failures that it is the worst feeling. You not only waste money and time but also the affection and effort during the process. Watching these baking fails are funny but at the same time I think we should give them a big credit for having a courage to present it anyway and share it in the internet. To enjoy more failures click this pinterest link. 

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For my best friend’s 22nd birthday

Today I brought the video of me and my friend Joanne making the strawberry cream cake for SoHee who had 22nd birthday on April 2nd! I have known SoHee for 4 years and this semester is the last semester for us to spend time in Purdue University. My baking partner, Joanne and I had to make SoHee’s birthday special with her favorite cake. I filmed and baked at the same time! The video is not for someone who wants to bake but to give an idea how to make it, I added some instruction captions. Oh and the guy in the video is SoHee’s boyfriend who visited Purdue from Chicago. He was such a fun assistant. You will see in the video. It was such a fun day and night! SoHee was so happy with the cake that she stills talk about it. I hope you enjoy the video how I spent the weekend in Purdue. (FYI, I am Korean)

Pastry Chef or Pâtissier

The first time I knew that there is a separate chef who does pastry in the kitchen was when I watched the Korea Drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” in 2005. It was about the woman who is patissier and trying to found love of her life. Beside the plot, I loved whenever the drama shows the Sam Soon’s baking works. Also the drama showed that because the pastry chef is another head of the menu there could be power dynamic between the main chef. Of course drama is a fiction but still to become a creative and competitive patissier, he/she should be able to present strong character and competitive works to survive in the kitchen.How-to-Become-a-Pastry-Chef-in-Australia

Since my blog is about baking, I would like to introduce the profession of baking which is pastry chef or patissier. It is professional cook who specializes in making desserts. I think it is not well-known chef and it is kind of vague how to become the pastry chef to most of the people.

As I searched, there are 3 levels of education to become the pastry chef. There are certification, associates degree and bachelor degree. The higher level of education would definitely help to train in more hands-on baking experience and create innovative works. But the education is not crucial to be hired but it could be supportive system to enter the baking profession.

The most important qualification for the pastry chef is the culinary ability and creativity. Pastry chef has to be able to build up their career all by themselves and be able to present their talent whenever they are ready. This is because their salary is based on their work and self-gained reputation as a pastry chef. The skilled assistant salary starts at $25,000/year and expert pastry chef earns about $60,000/year. It is not universal measurement but it is general idea. The number can go up depending on the skill of the pastry chef. The food industry is also considered as one of the entertainment industry that it has fast growth and lots of potential so that pastry chef is high demanded job.

Banana Pudding

Have you been to the Magnolia Bakery? I have visited the one which is at Chicago last month and I finally got a chance to eat their famous banana pudding. It had very rich taste of banana and the cream with it was so sweet, soft and moist. I wanted to make that banana pudding in home so I can save my time going all the way to Chicago, which takes about 2hours and 30minutes. As I searched, it was not difficult recipe and the ingredients were simple enough! The banana pudding had moist little bread in it which can be replaced by Nilla, the vanilla-flavored crackers. This time I shoot the video for all the process and ingredients’ measurements so it would be easier to understand the process! I shoot the video at night and finished editing so I did not include how it was in the morning. You should put in the fridge over night if you want your crackers be moist with cream. I had very sweet breakfast with this banana pudding. Enjoy the video!


Banana Pudding

Baking Egg Tart for the first time!

Hello everyone!

As I referenced before, I baked the egg tart. I always wanted to bake one of the tarts dessert but never had a chance before. But Tong Wu, who I interviewed about her baking experience, reminded me to make this egg tart which is her only baking experience. Tart dessert refers to any baked dish that has filling in it over a pastry. Usually it has rough and flaky dough and the filling varies such as blueberry tart, caramel tart, berries tart, cream tart and of course egg tart. I would describe it as something middle of the pie and cake.


Since I never tried to make any tart I searched video recipes and I end up here. To get the successful tart dough is to have strong arm. You have to repeat spreading the dough and and folding the dough. Whenever you finish folding the dough has to be in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes so it is quite a work. I was so tired that I could not take a photo of making the dough so please accept my apology. Now here is the recipe. Enjoy.


  • 3” Tart mold (12 pieces are recommended)

*Butter Dough*

  • 220g Cake Flour
  • 1 3/4 Stick of butter

*Water Dough*

  • 220g Cake Flour
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 1/4 cup cold water (You can add more water if you need to form the batter)


  • 4 Egg Yolks
  • 170ml Heavy Cream
  • 220ml Milk
  • 90g Sugar
  • 1Tsp Corn Starch(Optional, if you want your filling like a pudding I recommend it)
  • 3Tsp Vanilla extract
  • A few salt



  1. Cut the butter into lots of pieces and add the flour. Remember we want cold dough so butter always has to be cold. If you feel like the butter is melting put back into the fridge and work on the batter later.

2.  I do not have the dough’s picture but as you can see in these picture, form the dough from the batter and wrap it to put into the fridge. The butter dough has to be in fridge for 30 minutes and add with the water dough. You can then spread out the dough and fold it like a blanket and put into the fridge for 15 minutes. You can repeat this as many as you can but when ever the dough is folded it would have flaky texture.

3. Spread out the dough for about 1 inch and cut with the 3 inch cookie cutter. If you do not have the cookie cutter then any cup with the right size will work. Then place it to the individual tart mold. You can spray the non stick oil to the mold but it is optional. KakaoTalk_20170325_220507988

4. For the filling, mix all the ingredient into the pot with low to medium heat. When it is well mixed add the starch and as it becomes like jelly or pudding add the vanilla extract and set aside to cool.

5. Pour the filling over the dough. The filling should be about 80% high on the dough. Preheat the oven to 390F and when it’s ready insert it by placing on the oven pan.


6. After 25~30 minutes take it out and let it chill. It is best to eat when it is warm.KakaoTalk_20170325_220416796KakaoTalk_20170325_220433715

7. Voila! The filling was soft and the dough was rough and flaky. I think I can improve more by working on the dough but I am still satisfied by the result! Yummy.



Dessert with “cultural” lenses

We all have different styles of diet. Especially when it comes to the dessert, people are more divided than the entrees. Some likes cake or some likes cookies or some just likes sweet beverages as dessert. Not just styles but if we consider the culture the difference of dessert styles becomes bigger that there are all sorts of different categories.

It is natural flow for America that desserts come when we are finished with entrees. However, my classmate Tong Wu who is from China says “traditionally Chinese people do not eat dessert after meal”. I am from South Korea and she reminded me that Korea is like that too. So, in East Asia, we could surely say that there is generation gap related to the dessert preferences. Because our parent’s generation and older people are not used to the dessert’s menu. It becomes too much for them when they already had plenty of meal. Tong said that older people would not voluntarily try the desserts but only young people would do in China.

It is interesting how in one culture dessert is considered as finale of meal and in another considered as snack that people separately demand it from meal.

I could not ask if Tong tried baking. Tong actually tried baking only once which was making egg tarts. She told me “I want to bake again in the future. I think it is interesting and fun process”. I was happy to hear that because she only tried once but already know how fun it is. From her interview, I decided to make egg tart and it will be on my next blog post! For anyone who wants to know the recipe, I will use this egg tart’s recipemaxresdefault.jpg

Preview: Spring Break


Next week is Spring break that I am traveling Quebec City, Canada. I would not post next week so here are some previews for next week. I selected the national day theme that I provided dessert recipes links and information links you can explore.


1.National Blueberry Popover Day on March 10


july-057Popovers are airy rolls that puff up when it is baked. Like the picture it pops out of the tins. It is very light and crispy on the outside. They can be filled with fruits, creams, and custards. For March 10th blueberry popover is celebrated. Try making some homemade blueberry popovers with this recipe!

2. National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day on March 11

1752_maple_walnut_waffles_2.jpgOn March 11th we are celebrating a healthier version of the classic waffle. If you have the waffle iron patterned then you can make waffle easily. There are various types but the whole grain oats and chopped nuts is this day’s waffle. Check out the recipe to make the batter.

3. National Girl Scout Day on March 12

Traffic SignsMy previous post was about interesting trivia related to desserts and one of them was that s’mores were invented by the girl scouts. I wanted to inform the national girl scout day because they are pioneer and active leader to spread the sweet desserts. Their thin mints are the most selling girl scout cookie. Check out the s’mores recipe and information about girl scout cookies.

4. Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17

st-patricks-dayst-patricks-day-global2I am from South Korea and I remember I did not understand at first why everyone is dressing up green for the Saint. What is up with Green and the Saint?! But apparently it was very old tradition that it started since the early 17th Saint Patrick’s death was marked and was chosen as the official Christian feast day by Catholic church. It is also public holiday in Ireland so it is known as Irish day. People wear green, drink green and decorate everything green. I hope you have wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day with green.

5. National Chocolate Caramel Day on March 19

ChocolateCaramelPecanCubes1-1024x654Lastly, I am already high by just introducing the national chocolate caramel day. I love when chocolates have fillings of more sweetness. This can never go wrong since both ingredients are the most popular desserts. It is very hard to resist this combination. I never tried to make the homemade chocolate caramel so I was amazed to see these recipes. Let’s all get sugar high on March 19th!