Farewell to the blog.

This post will going to be the last graded post for the COM 407 that I am taking in Purdue University. I started this blog for the class since January. Posting two blogs each week was definitely a challenge for time managing and creative thinking aspects. I did not have any blogging experience before so presenting myself to specific targeted audience with baking topic was both overwhelming and exciting.

Looking back, I received variety of reaction from my friends and acquaintances during this 4 months. My friends were kept asking why I am baking so often and whenever I reply that it is for my class project, they thought I am taking food education class. Some friends thought I am enjoying my last senior semester that I am using my free time for baking. But the truth was, I had to organize my time more efficiently and work hard than before so I can have proper time for baking! Among the reactions from my friends, I appreciated their appreciation. I was the one who is giving and sharing but I felt by giving and sharing I was receiving. This is such a cliche you might think but to me that cliche finally spoke truthfully to me! People were confused and puzzled to receive my baking out of blue. But I think people are naturally thankful to something that they receive from nothing. Sometimes I felt guilty of having so much thanks and warm feed backs because I was only doing it for the class project at the first place! Overall, I would say that this blogging project was more than an assignment.

Before I finally go, if you want to know more about baking here are some final recommendations that I visited a lot of times for this blog.

  • Rosanna Pansino – I mentioned her on my review blog that she is the big Youtuber with creative baking contents. I am her subscriber and honestly I cannot explain more with words of what she makes. She is so skillful and creative!
  • HoneyKki – She is another Youtuber and she is Korean. She has English subtitles so don’t worry. She has very great visuals in video production and she is very competent baker.  I learned a lot from her, especially she have great little tips while baking so I recommend her to check out.
  • Oh, Ladycakes – I love this blog’s photo quality. I also focused to have a great photo quality for my blog. But this blog has another level of photos. They also have great tips that you can use and creative baking ideas.

Lastly, baking in West Lafayette, Indiana was also one of the factors of barrier to explore and experience more but I think this blog gave me an opportunity to have different perspective from what I had and experience West Lafayette. I did not know that there were such great events and classes related to bakings and foods before. Now I appreciate that I could explore my local here with this blog. I am genuinely glad to see the posts so far and I hope you had learn something from my blog too!


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