Upcoming Baking Events for Summer

Summer is coming fast! We all been waiting for the warmer temperature. Now in West Lafayette, Indiana, the nature is gaining its own color. Today I brought you the preview for the upcoming event that you can attend and enjoy the baking goods. I recently went to the Lafayette Farmer’s Market event. They sell many local organic and nature stuffs so that you can enjoy the freshness! I will going to post about the earth day event they had so stay tuned!


They will going to have three different market which will be held at Downtown, Purdue, and West Lafayette.

For the Downtown: Opening day is on MAY 6TH until October and it will be on every Saturdays at 8:00 – 12:30 PM. It is on 5TH street between Main & Columbia.

For the Purdue: Opening day is on MAY 4TH and it will be on every Thursdays at 11:00 – 2:00 PM. Until July it will open until 2:00 PM but from August to October it will open until 3:00 PM. Market will take place at Northwestern corner of Memorial Mall in Purdue campus. 

For the West Lafayette: Opening day is on MAY 3RD until October and it will be on every Wednesdays at 3:30 – 7:00 PM. It will be located in Cumberland Park.

You can click on the places to see the google map. As you can see the three markets are located in variety of places and it covers all of the people. People who are early birds can attend Downtown market. People who are active on daytime can attend Purdue market. Finally, people who wants to attend at afternoon-night can attend West Lafayette market.

They have such a great quality of goods and reasonable price point. In my own culture in South Korea, Market is something very traditional and there are always lots of people with different needs so that whenever I visit the outdoor market the vibes from each merchants are so energetic and fun to visit! I hope you can have that kind of fun experience this summer.58f8e2fb901b7.image



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