Movie recommendation: Waitress(2007)



Today I brought you a movie that I watched when I was in high school. The movie is called Waitress and it was released in 2007. Keri Russell stars as the main character Jenna who has great talent for baking pies. Whenever I try to bake tart pies I get the flashback memories of the scene in the movie. Jenna’s life in the movie is miserable that it seems like there are any option but running away. Special thing about the pies in the movie is that it is all made whatever how Jenna feels at that moment. For example when she does not want to listen to her husband’s boring chat she closes her eyes and imagine the ‘I hate my husband pie’. First there are chopped dark chocolates for bitterness but top it with the chocolate pudding and caramel. This pie represents that inside her heart she hates her terrible husband but she covers her feelings as it is all okay. I believe that the baking goods are the product of how the baker wanted it to be so that the movie well depicted the baker’s emotion connected to the pies. I hoped that the movie also showed how Jenna made the pie batter and crusts when there is only fillings scene. Other than that it is great baking movie and has pretty fun scenes to enjoy for the dreamers. After all you could witness what decision she makes for her life and you could also get courage from her! If you wish to bake pies that Jenna baked in the movie click here for all recipes. I hope you enjoy.


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