Spring in Starbucks!

Finally, here in West Lafayette, Indiana, Spring has come! From my experience, Indiana state has fickle weather and Spring comes later than other area. So everyone here are genuinely happy to meet the Spring!


As I was casually scrolling down Instagram feed, I saw this picture that official Starbucks  posted from @joanna_fisher‘s photo. This butterfly cookie is one of the Spring seasonal offerings in Starbucks bakery. Their cookie with pretty icing is very buttery and not too sweet that it is one of my favorites. Starbucks is worldwide large chain store that is mainly demanded for coffee and drinks. But they are keep creating new looks of sweet desserts for past several years that their baking goods are in good quality. Especially, their cake pops are steady sellers. The baking goods are located right next to cashier which is manipulating customers subtly to pass by the bakery display. This strategy successfully gravitates the customers to buy their baking goods.

In West Lafayette Purdue campus there are 3 Starbucks and in Lafayette there are 4 Starbucks located. I was doing my works in Starbucks and I saw this guy buying the butterfly cookie. I interviewed him.


His name was Zion Chang who is Junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He said he comes Starbucks almost everyday and Starbucks’ baking goods were mainly his breakfast. The snowman cookie he mentioned is the Winter seasonal offerings just like the butterfly cookie. Like I said before I could see that he was also happy for the warm weather. I think we always celebrate something with food that in this case it was celebrating warm weather with the butterfly cookie. Can’t wait for the Summer seasonal offerings cookie from Starbucks!


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