Baking tips I wished I knew them sooner

From my baking measurement post, I mentioned the famous quote, “Baking is Science”. You have to follow the exact steps and have exact measurements for the ingredients. That means it requires a lot of concentration. Like any other skills, you gain some know-hows and become more professionals. Then you realize you wished you knew some great baking tips sooner and not end up having gloomy failure. I would like to share from my real experiences that are some baking tips I wished I knew them sooner!

  1. Sifting the flour makes the big difference. do_I_sift_the_flour_beforeIf you had enough experience of baking, you will know that always the dry ingredients like flour or sugar will eventually combine with liquid ingredients like eggs or melted butter. To mix it well when you sift the flour it will evenly mixed with no little crumples of flour. You will see that the result of your baking will have smooth surface and even texture that it was all sifting.
  2. Make sure if you have to use room temperature eggs or cold eggsgetty_photo_of_eggs_in_cartonI don’t know why but I always ignored the instructions for the egg’s temperature. I thought it does not matter. But if you use a cold egg when it supposed to be at room temperature, the batter will be so hard to mix and the dry ingredients will actually need more eggs. There are so many reasons for each recipe why it should be room temperature so just follow the instructions no matter what.
  3. You can use microwave plate as a turntable to ice your cakes5138g4oC7sLThis tip is the most recent that I realized that you do not need to spend another money to buy the turntable because you have the microwave plate. It has same function as the cake turntable, only it is quite unstable but hey, it works then that’s it!
  4. Know the tips to line the parchment papermaxresdefaultLining the parchment paper was the most hardest thing for me when I was a very beginner. I did not know the non-stick olive oil spray existed that will hold the parchment paper and stick on the pan. Also, for the square pan with depth, you have to cut diagonally so that there is no missing spot.
  5. Vanilla extract and salt are the only ingredients that you can over use it

    For baking, measuring the exact ingredients are important but for vanilla extract, more is better. The vanilla extract scent makes the smell of baked goods better. For the salt, you cannot pour too much but 2 more tsp can make the sweetness enhanced and season will be balanced.

  6. Prepare yourself that your kitchen will be a disaster after baking

    This is not necessarily a baking tip but it is one of the thing that I wish I knew before I baked. You will use so many kitchen tools, cups and bowls that you will end up having pile of them to dish wash. My know-how is doing the dishes right away. This makes the process slower but it is much better than doing all the dishes after the baking is done. During the process you are energized and keep going but after you see your result, you are no longer motivated to move. Think that washing dishes is also included in between of the steps in recipe!




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