For my best friend’s 22nd birthday

Today I brought the video of me and my friend Joanne making the strawberry cream cake for SoHee who had 22nd birthday on April 2nd! I have known SoHee for 4 years and this semester is the last semester for us to spend time in Purdue University. My baking partner, Joanne and I had to make SoHee’s birthday special with her favorite cake. I filmed and baked at the same time! The video is not for someone who wants to bake but to give an idea how to make it, I added some instruction captions. Oh and the guy in the video is SoHee’s boyfriend who visited Purdue from Chicago. He was such a fun assistant. You will see in the video. It was such a fun day and night! SoHee was so happy with the cake that she stills talk about it. I hope you enjoy the video how I spent the weekend in Purdue. (FYI, I am Korean)


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