Pastry Chef or Pâtissier

The first time I knew that there is a separate chef who does pastry in the kitchen was when I watched the Korea Drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” in 2005. It was about the woman who is patissier and trying to found love of her life. Beside the plot, I loved whenever the drama shows the Sam Soon’s baking works. Also the drama showed that because the pastry chef is another head of the menu there could be power dynamic between the main chef. Of course drama is a fiction but still to become a creative and competitive patissier, he/she should be able to present strong character and competitive works to survive in the kitchen.How-to-Become-a-Pastry-Chef-in-Australia

Since my blog is about baking, I would like to introduce the profession of baking which is pastry chef or patissier. It is professional cook who specializes in making desserts. I think it is not well-known chef and it is kind of vague how to become the pastry chef to most of the people.

As I searched, there are 3 levels of education to become the pastry chef. There are certification, associates degree and bachelor degree. The higher level of education would definitely help to train in more hands-on baking experience and create innovative works. But the education is not crucial to be hired but it could be supportive system to enter the baking profession.

The most important qualification for the pastry chef is the culinary ability and creativity. Pastry chef has to be able to build up their career all by themselves and be able to present their talent whenever they are ready. This is because their salary is based on their work and self-gained reputation as a pastry chef. The skilled assistant salary starts at $25,000/year and expert pastry chef earns about $60,000/year. It is not universal measurement but it is general idea. The number can go up depending on the skill of the pastry chef. The food industry is also considered as one of the entertainment industry that it has fast growth and lots of potential so that pastry chef is high demanded job.


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