Dessert with “cultural” lenses

We all have different styles of diet. Especially when it comes to the dessert, people are more divided than the entrees. Some likes cake or some likes cookies or some just likes sweet beverages as dessert. Not just styles but if we consider the culture the difference of dessert styles becomes bigger that there are all sorts of different categories.

It is natural flow for America that desserts come when we are finished with entrees. However, my classmate Tong Wu who is from China says “traditionally Chinese people do not eat dessert after meal”. I am from South Korea and she reminded me that Korea is like that too. So, in East Asia, we could surely say that there is generation gap related to the dessert preferences. Because our parent’s generation and older people are not used to the dessert’s menu. It becomes too much for them when they already had plenty of meal. Tong said that older people would not voluntarily try the desserts but only young people would do in China.

It is interesting how in one culture dessert is considered as finale of meal and in another considered as snack that people separately demand it from meal.

I could not ask if Tong tried baking. Tong actually tried baking only once which was making egg tarts. She told me “I want to bake again in the future. I think it is interesting and fun process”. I was happy to hear that because she only tried once but already know how fun it is. From her interview, I decided to make egg tart and it will be on my next blog post! For anyone who wants to know the recipe, I will use this egg tart’s recipemaxresdefault.jpg


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