Preview: Spring Break


Next week is Spring break that I am traveling Quebec City, Canada. I would not post next week so here are some previews for next week. I selected the national day theme that I provided dessert recipes links and information links you can explore.


1.National Blueberry Popover Day on March 10


july-057Popovers are airy rolls that puff up when it is baked. Like the picture it pops out of the tins. It is very light and crispy on the outside. They can be filled with fruits, creams, and custards. For March 10th blueberry popover is celebrated. Try making some homemade blueberry popovers with this recipe!

2. National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day on March 11

1752_maple_walnut_waffles_2.jpgOn March 11th we are celebrating a healthier version of the classic waffle. If you have the waffle iron patterned then you can make waffle easily. There are various types but the whole grain oats and chopped nuts is this day’s waffle. Check out the recipe to make the batter.

3. National Girl Scout Day on March 12

Traffic SignsMy previous post was about interesting trivia related to desserts and one of them was that s’mores were invented by the girl scouts. I wanted to inform the national girl scout day because they are pioneer and active leader to spread the sweet desserts. Their thin mints are the most selling girl scout cookie. Check out the s’mores recipe and information about girl scout cookies.

4. Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17

st-patricks-dayst-patricks-day-global2I am from South Korea and I remember I did not understand at first why everyone is dressing up green for the Saint. What is up with Green and the Saint?! But apparently it was very old tradition that it started since the early 17th Saint Patrick’s death was marked and was chosen as the official Christian feast day by Catholic church. It is also public holiday in Ireland so it is known as Irish day. People wear green, drink green and decorate everything green. I hope you have wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day with green.

5. National Chocolate Caramel Day on March 19

ChocolateCaramelPecanCubes1-1024x654Lastly, I am already high by just introducing the national chocolate caramel day. I love when chocolates have fillings of more sweetness. This can never go wrong since both ingredients are the most popular desserts. It is very hard to resist this combination. I never tried to make the homemade chocolate caramel so I was amazed to see these recipes. Let’s all get sugar high on March 19th!


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