Review: Galaxy Mirror Cake

One of my favorite Youtuber, Rosanna Pansino made this amazing “Galaxy Mirror Cake“. The mirror cake was one of the trend throughout the baking community that it has very reflective glaze covering the cake. Ro added the galaxy theme since her audiences requested and when I first saw the thumbnail I immediately shared with my friends.

I love Ro’s Youtube channel because her creative works based on baking are so innovative. She always has a theme for it and she call it “nerdy” because she is fan of many movies and dramas. She gets idea from it and apply to her baking such as making death star cake from the Star Wars. I noticed that the audiences who are fan of that specific topic gets so excited and  empathize with other audiences which only makes comment section full of joy.

Back to the “Galaxy Mirror Cake”, Ro explains the process very clearly and shows the steps in the video to make it understandable. I appreciate how she specifically instructs and does not miss details where people can easily make mistake. She always gives an opportunity to the viewers to create their own design by giving the wiggle room in the process such as in this case color design. I think as a creator it is always appreciative and thoughtful to share the work and provide another options for it.

Without further ado if you want to check out and witness this amazing galaxy mirror cake process, here is the video:


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