Preview: Evening of Romance on Feb 11.

Are you guys all ready for the Valentine’s day? The D-day is coming in 5 days. To me, whether I have a significant partner or not, Valentine’s day is always the loveliest day in the year. I do not care about how much money I spent to buy all the sweet desserts and chocolates. I love the mood of the day that everyone is happy all romantic. I make and share chocolates with everyone I know. I like how everyone is open-minded on Valentine’s day that they accept any chocolates they get and also give whatever they have. I hope every day is like Valentine’s day so that everyone can get sugar high with me. Enough about me and now I have great news!                  dbwvuqboou8-jens-thekkeveettil.jpg

To the couples living in campus or in Lafayette, I want to introduce that there is an Evening of Romance featuring the Purdue Jazz Band. Let’s be honest. If you are planning now you are preparing in a last minute. Valentine’s day is on Tuesday so we have to celebrate on weekend. However, it is impossible to get seat at fancy place in Chicago now. That is why this event is perfect for you. It will be on Feb. 11, Saturday at 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm. Each person should purchase tickets and it costs 25 dollars. The place is at Marriott Hall on Purdue’s campus. The Purdue Jazz Band is directed by Dr. Mo Trout and will set the mood for the romantic evening. Seriously, they are playing romantic jazz tunes! I think it is perfect to spend memorable evening with your significant partner.

Here is some more information for the location and tickets info. The link for the event shows the wine list that you can order so please check out before you go and have a romantic evening!



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