The Baking Therapy

c641ce594e6c2b405f387838696919bf18cf8d7aPeople who do not know about baking would prejudge that the process of baking is too bothering and time consuming. But did you know that baking really relieves the symptoms of depression and anxiety? The interesting thing about human mind is that when someone is active physically that their profession is athlete or bodyguard, their level of stress lessens by doing less active things such as knitting. The opposite style actually creates the harmony in mind and balances out. Psychologically, it is called dialectical behavior therapy that it synthesizes opposite concepts and treat the self-destructive behaviors. So baking therapy is one of the genuine therapy for stress relief or moreover treat the depression.

Like I said before the baking process might look exhausting but that is the key of the baking therapy! Since baking requires exact amount of ingredients and exact measurement of time or temperature, the slow and concentrated process makes people calm and focused. Also, using lots of hand motions stimulates the brain and touching many different texture of ingredients. Personally, I like baking because I get to play around with various materials. Even though it took a while and I had so much stuffs to clean, the result gives rewarding feeling so that even cleaning and organizing helps to clear my mind. I agree like the Huffington Post said about baking therapy that at the end it is all about giving. We all know that everyone loves to get present but the more joy comes from when I am giving the present. In that sense, baking therapy gives high-level of pleasure from giving.sweet-yummy-chocolate-cake-2-picjumbo-com

So I recommend whoever had exhausting week or day, bake anything you want! The process will stimulate both left and right brain. Share your sweet desserts with your friends and family and just sit back and relax!

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