It all started from the Brownie.

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog! Since I am just a college student who just occasionally get sugar high by desserts, I hope you do not expect super professional and fancy dessert blog. But I will show you my passionate love for desserts and also introduce my local bakery to give you a tip of my demography.

My love for baking desserts started 5 years ago. Fortunately or unfortunately, for my ex, I dived into the baking world. I tried to impress him by making the heart shaped brownies on Valentine’s day. It was very fun process to witness that some liquid combined with some powder rises like a balloon when it is baked! It actually looked like I could sell it somewhere which it was very sensational to me. I could help beginners to dive into the baking world like I did especially with basics and beginner’s must-haves.

My another goal is to make the readers addictive to the visual of the desserts! I will use my one and only Samsung Mirrorless SLR camera (NX 300) to get the greatest close up shots and make you all hungry! So I hope you get entertained and informed by my blog and fell in love with baking!




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